Jacqueline MacInnes Wood talks to the italian magazine “Dipiù Tv”: “I look like Steffy!”

Bold and Beautiful actors on the cover of “Dipiù Tv”

The italian magazine Dipiù Tv has been in Monte Carlo, during the “Monte Carlo Television Festival” and here met three actors of the popular soap The Bold and the Beautiful. At the event, there were Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who has the role of Steffy Forrester, Karla Mosley, who is Maya Avant and Jacob Young, who plays Rick Forrester. The three actors left an interview to the italian megazine. Let’s read what Jacqueline MacInnes Wood said about her character and her life!

(After there’s reported the translate from italian to english of what the megazine Dipiù Tv wrote only about Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in a floreal bikini.


After Karla, it’s the turn of another beautiful girl of the soap, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, the supersexy Steffy Forrester. Jacqueline asks me to call her Jacqui, as her friends do, and after she confides me that she looks like a lot as her Steffy! “Me and Steffy are both strong women, a bit wild, a lot spontaneous and extremely honest and loyal. And funny, i say! In one thing i don’t agree with her, on the love. I’ve learned that  trying to stay too much time with the same man doens’t work, while when Steffy fix with some
one she never gives up! If she would by one of my friends, i say to her to leave Liam because she have stayed with him too much time and he hurt her, to go on with her life.” Jacqui says. After the acress remember her first time on the set of Bold and Beautiful : ” I was too much agitated when i went to the audition. I was a fan of the soap, I grow watching it and it did not seem real to me to have the chance to become a part of the cast. When I arrived at the studios I was amazed:  they are immens, on the wall there are a lot of photos of the actors that I’ve ever estimate. I admint, my legs were trembling, but it was not gone so bad, because they called me soon saying that i have to return the day after on the set.”
Jacqui is lively and talkative about the work but she is reserved when there’s to speak about the love. But for Dipiù Tv she do an exception and she accepted to talk about her partner, the actor Daren Kagasoff: “We met when both were starting to work in the spectacle world. I was 21, I was in USA from few time and I just had the role of Steffy Forrester. I liked him at the first look, but I had just arrived in  a new Country, I didn’t want to throw in a relationship. i wanted to knew the place, the people, feeling home. We grow together slowly, making experience but staying ever together, and after a lot of year he continues to have a special place in my life” affirms Jacqui.
Concluded the speech about love and B&B she starts to talk about her passions of her free time, all intense and… “dangerous”. “I love riding my motorcycle, i do long trip on my Harley Davidson. My father transmited to me this passion. When I was a child, he drive me to the school with his moto and so i felt the most lucky child because it seems I was living a great adventure! If I’m not riding my motorbike, I take out for a walk my two dogs or I go on the beach to do surf. It’s a sport I like a lot, also if one time I risked to drown. i was doing a race, I was at the top of an high wave and I was crossing it when I felt down. The surfboard slammed against my face, hurting me. For some instant, while i tryed to back afloat, I lost the orientation. Fortunatelly, all solved for the better, with some stitches in my mouth, but nothing worse!” concludes Jacqui.


(Article is signed by Fabrizia Avolio, journalist for Dipiù Tv. This translate has been done by Pamela De Vito @pamdzeko10 on Instagram)


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